How much do 3D Renderings Cost?

That’s about as easy to answer as ‘how much will my new house cost?’ Like anything, there can be a pretty wide range of costs and for renderings it can be as little as a couple of hundred dollars to much more. Simply put, there really is no way to say exactly how much a rendering will cost because it is the result of the amount of time it takes to produce the image. There are several factors that influence the time, here are a few:

  • How much information does the rendering artist have to work with? Ideally, a good set of scaled architectural drawings is a great place to start. If those are not available, then a simple sketch showing the basic footprint of the space, dimensions, placement of windows, doors and other main features would do. For an existing space, plenty of photos are a big help. In addition, a list of the desired materials and finishes to be used would also be needed. Rule of thumb – the more information you can provide, the better.
  • Size and complexity of the space to be created. A large space with a high level of detail such as specialized molding & trim or complex ceilings and roof structures takes more time to model than a small room with minimal detail. For exterior renderings, complex terrain and landscaping also adds more time.
  • What level of quality and detail do you want to see? Renderings can take many forms from a basic line drawing to a highly detailed photorealistic image. I’ll use a kitchen as an example. This is a simple line drawing resembling a hand sketch. This is simplest and
    least expensive type of rendering:

This is a simple line drawing resembling a hand sketch. This is simplest and least expensive type of rendering:

This is a full color standard quality rendering. This requires a bit more time because material finishes are added:

Here’s a “fully dressed” photorealistic image. This is a premium rendering which shows the space fully furnished and accessorized. Extra time is also required to adjust the lighting and image quality properties but the result is a very realistic image:

What works best for you really depends on what you plan to do with the image. If you just want to envision room layout, a simple line drawing would work fine. A photorealistic rendering is beat for selecting materials and finishes or for certain marketing applications.

  • What about the number of views? Sometimes, just a single view will meet your needs. In other cases, multiple views are called for. With each view, a camera needs to be placed and angles adjusted to get the right look.
    Here’s a different view of the kitchen:

  • Do you want a walking tour or are static images OK? For most cases, static images are great for planing or marketing purposes but in certain cases, you may want to “walk through” a space or see it as an interactive 3D view.

When you add it all up, the total cost for a rendering, even for a very detailed image, is usually just a small percentage of the total cost of your building project. And that can be money very well spent as a good set of renderings can reveal potential problems before materials are ordered and actual construction starts. You can read more about that here.

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