Seven ways 3D Renderings will save you time, money and frustration…

Whether you’re launching your own construction project, or you are contractor undertaking one, you have two principle concerns: Getting the job done right so everyone is happy, and bringing the project in on budget.

By investing in photorealistic 3D renderings, before the project gets underway, you can alleviate these concerns and provide peace of mind for all involved. Here are just some of the reasons to use 3D renderings for your next project:

1. When people see a project presented in a lifelike 3D format, rather than in a line drawing, they can more easily visualize what the end results will be like, and whether they’ll be happy, or want to make alterations.

Would you rather see this…


Or This?

While there are many rendering programs on the market, only a few, in the hands of a skilled user, can simulate what the project will really look like. A photorealistic preview is the surest way to ensure satisfaction.

2. Different finishes on woodwork, siding, paneling, walls and ceilings have very different effects on the look and feel of a space. A professionally-rendered 3D drawing is far more effective at illustrating how each selection will appear than any 2 dimensional plan view or elevation can possibly be.

3. Some people know exactly what they want when they remodel, but the majority of people are less certain until they actually see their concept in a tangible form. With 3D rendering, multiple designs can be previewed for the same space, helping to ensure that the final decision is the right one.

Same Room…


Different look.

 4. Photorealistic 3D renderings can help to envision traffic flow, sunlight and scenic views. They can illustrate how the placement of windows, doors and walls will alter the room. More advanced programs can even reproduce natural lighting conditions for a particular geographic location, at any time of day or season. Artificial light sources and the shadows they produce can be reproduced in the drawings, giving a true sense of the ambiance within the space.

5. No one wants to waste time or money. The problem with remodeling is that one seemingly simple change during construction can end up adding significant costs through materials and labor fees. Changes can also cause uncontrollable delays, as trade contractors have to shift schedules. By involving a 3D CAD rendering professional in advance, you can greatly reduce unexpected delays and budget overruns by previewing the project and identifying potential problems beforehand.

6. Many changes to the plans can be done in real-time, allowing a streamlined design process so the project can proceed more quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

7. Photorealistic 3D renderings can be an invaluable tool when presenting to municipal planning boards concerned with the visual impact of a project on its surrounding environment. With renderings that show the project in its actual surroundings, issues that might have delayed the work can be resolved quickly.

There are many distinct advantages to involving a CAD Professional early on in any construction project to create photorealistic 3D renderings. In most cases, the total cost for a quality set of renderings is just a small percentage of the total project cost. In the end, this additional advance planning can amount to significant savings in time and money.

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