Don’t trust your event room set to luck! Let EP Visualz help ensure the smooth, quick and efficient set up of your function.

At every function, from meeting or conference to trade show or wedding, 2D plan views, technical drawings and equipment layouts are invaluable.  We review every aspect of the set up to ensure that with structural elements in the room such as chandeliers, ceiling trusses and utilities will not interfere with your equipment and layout.

Our 2D equipment layouts and technical drawings help:

  • Maximize space and the efficient layout of all equipment and components that go into staging an event.
  • Ensure that all parties working on the event have the same information to avoid errors and ensure a smooth room set.
  • Analyze room set details in advance to prevent costly and time-consuming changes on-site

To discuss how EP Visualz can ensure that luck won’t be necessary for your smooth and efficient event set up, call or email us for personal service.

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