Based in Rochester, New York, EP VISUALZ provides quality, custom, photo-realistic 3D CAD (computer assisted design) renderings, 2D plan views and technical layouts to business and individuals. With more than 20 years of computer rendering experience, EP VISUALZ founder Eric Pedersen uses the latest advanced software and a vast library of images to prepare detailed plan views and 3D renderings that bring your project to life, saving time and money, and giving you greater confidence that your design will be exactly what you envisioned.

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We specialize in custom, photo-realistic 3D architectural renderings, floor plans and elevations that bring your vision to life!

At EP Visualz, we work with you, using state of the art software, to bring your project to life. Our 3D CAD (computer assisted design) renderings and 2D technical drawings help ensure that everything is perfect before you’ve made investments of time, labor and money.

For Homes and Buildings

If you’re an architect, builder, re-modeler, developer, landscaper, interior designer or do-it-yourselfer, you can count on the 3D CAD renderings and floor plans created by EP Visualz to provide an realistic preview of your project before spending money on costly engineering drawings.

While our work doesn’t replace architectural drawings on more complex projects, our ground-up approach is invaluable in showing all the details, in photo-realistic detail. Our work will help guide your contractor or architect, avoiding costly changes with them, and provide assurance that all parties will be thrilled with the final results.

For Meetings and Events

If you’re an individual, event planner or your company is in the hospitality industry and you’re planning any type of event from wedding to gala, conference or trade show to outdoor event, our photo-realistic, 3D CAD renderings and 2D tech layouts ensure that the event will be everything you or your client envisions, maximizing the venue’s assets while avoiding potential risks and challenges.


Working with ep visualz


Work directly with the owner

All rendering work is done in my Rochester, NY office and not by an overseas rendering mill. The full scope of work and your price is provided in writing so that you know exactly what’s included. Whether your renderings are for marketing or planning purposes, I work personally with each and every client to ensure that your renderings are tailored to meet your needs.

Award winning quality and service

Equipped with the latest software along with a vast library of resources and backed by years of experience, ep visualz can provide renderings and interactive images in a wide variety of styles and formats to suit your needs. Build magazine has  recognized ep visualz with it’s annual Architecture Award. Houzz.com, which is the leading online platform for home remodeling and design,  has awarded ep visualz  multiple times for quality service.

Promoting your business

As an added benefit for commercial clients, completed projects are posted to my many online platforms  with credit given to your company along with a link to your website. This will place your company before an audience of thousands of potential customers who will have the opportunity to view your work.

Step 1) Initial Contact:

  • This is usually best done in person, by phone or video chat but e-mail works as well. This is to review your needs and determine which service is the best fit (3d renders, elevations, video walk-thru, etc);
  • Gather project details such as CAD files, rough drawings, dimensions, finishes, photos, any specific choices for appliances, materials & finishes, plantings for exterior views… as many details as possible;
  • A written estimate will be developed based on the information gathered during this step.

Step 2) Contract & Deposit:

A signed contract plus initial payment is required in advance. Payment can be made in U.S. currency by check, credit card (3.5% additional charge)  or through Zelle https://www.zellepay.com/. Please sign and date the contract where indicated on page 2 and return both pages to eric@epvisualz.com. If paying by check, please include  a scan or photo of your check then send the original by mail to the following address:

EP Visualz
144 Fairport Village Landing, Suite 206
Fairport, New York  14450

Step 3) Rough Drawings:

  • EP Visualz will create a basic floor plan or 3D render to determine the look of the space, object placement and the camera views.
  • These renders will be sent to you for review and comment.

Step 4) Final Drawings:

  • Minor changes to the drawings as needed based customers input. This would include altering the colors, materials or slight construction details such as trim or door styles;
  • Add final finishes, lighting and decorative details;
  • Prepare final renderings which will then be e-mailed or delivered on a disc (additional cost);
  • Any further changes beyond this point may be subject to additional cost.


I can be reached by phone, text or email during regular business hours (M-F 8am-5pm EST), any messages received after these hours will be returned the following business day. I’ll be happy to arrange alternate times to accommodate differing time zones or schedules on request. My contact info is below.