What’s your style?

Renderings are a great tool for project planning and marketing. Whether it’s a home, landscape or a commercial development, the advantages of being able to visualize the project before you start are many. And the cost is generally just a small fraction of the construction budget.

But what type of rendering is best for you? As there are way too many to list here, I’ve chosen a handful styles to give you an idea of what’s possible. And within each style, there’s an almost infinite number of variations that can be created.

Line Drawing

Initial concepts often start as a pencil sketch much like this…




A step beyond a simple line drawing, this popular option is ideal for showing a proposed design without creating too many expectations before the design is finalized. A fuzzy border has been added to give it a softer look.


Cartoon Style

Like what you’d see in the comic pages. The sharp contrast helps to highlight the textures.


Oil Painting on Canvas

For something a little different, the classic look of an oil painting can be recreated in a variety of artistic styles. You can even see the texture of the canvas.



One of the most popular options is a Ray-Trace rendering which closely mimics the look of an actual photograph. This is a good option for marketing or when you want to show off the qualities of certain finishes and materials.


Old Photo

In this example, the image has been ‘aged’ and the corners rounded like a faded photo from an old family album.


Slide Film

With this style, any type of image can be placed on the ‘film’ and it even allows for custom copy along the edge.


Vector Drawing

Crisp and simple, a great choice for basic presentations.

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