One space, different looks

Building or renovating your own house, designing an interior, landscaping, commercial building; these can all be cumbersome challenges, if not daunting ones. They involve many choices, a lot of resources in terms of time, money and physical effort and hence cause  disagreements among everyone involved.

Let’s take the example of building a house. Door styles, roofing, windows, carpets, flooring, paint, fixtures, trim styles, tile … the list goes on. All present an endless array of choices on the material, style, outlook and finishes. Using small samples to visualize the final outcome doesn’t always help to get it right. We end up wasting resources and committing to choices we come to regret later on. Whether you are an individual homeowner or a professional, you have experienced these challenges at one point or another.

Now imagine if there was a method that greatly simplifies this decision making process, helping you to get it ‘exactly’ right. Enter modern 3D rendering, a technique which enables you to visualize your physical space as photorealistic models and allows you to see exactly what the outcome of your choices will be, even before you start the project! 

In this example, the homeowners were planning an addition to a small Family Room.

Here is the room as it existed before the addition:Photo Realistic 3d drawings

As the new room would be twice as large, they were considering different options for how it would be used.

One option was to turn it into a large dining room:

As the new room would be twice as large

Or they could leave it as a Family Room:

Or they could leave it as a Family Room

Modern 3D rendering, a powerful visualization method, gives us the ability to preview many different materials and finishes before committing to any choices which could be costly and time consuming to change later on.

It allows you to see, a living room or a kitchen for example, from a variety of angles and even move through the space to get a feel for traffic flow. It is like building a working prototype of your project which you can tweak and improve until you have the desired final product. You can change the color, flooring, texture, walls, placement of furniture and almost anything that you can think of; it gives a completely new meaning to the word ‘customization’.

Ultimately, the homeowners chose to keep it as a Family Room, Here’s how it turned out:

Modern 3D rendering,

The cost for a set of quality renderings is usually just small percentage of the total project project, but it can save you huge amounts in the long run by helping you avoid bad choices that would be costly to change later on. More importantly, 3D rendering software also needs a skillful person at the helm of it, therefore making this choice very significant.

Bottom-line – 3D rendering service, in essence, allows you to make smarter and cost effective choices and saves you from a lot of frustration and confusion.

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