Notting Hill Farm – A Case Study

Jill and Mark Laufer started planning for the construction of a new wedding venue on property they own in a rural area south of Buffalo in April of 2017.

The undeveloped site:

Notting Hill Farm – A Case Study

After touring other venues around the East Coast and making note of preferred design elements, they settled on a rustic barn theme and set about planning construction.

Their inspiration:







Early on, the Laufer’s knew that there would be many decisions to make regarding every detail of the structure such as materials, finishes, windows, doors, landscaping, lighting and much more. So after receiving an initial set of drawings from their architect, they turned to ep visualz to prepare a set of 3D Renderings so that they could preview their choices before making final decisions on the many elements of the design. According to Jill, they made use of the renderings “as a reference for some ordering decisions; i.e., the number of grilles for the windows, etc. They helped to finalize the colors, layout, etc.”

The renderings were also key part of pre-booking the facility by giving potential clients a look at the finished facility even though construction was still underway.

Construction gets started:





Jill specified a watercolor look for the renderings so as to convey the look of the facility without creating too many expectations as the final features and finishes had yet to be chosen.

Final renderings for marketing:

After more than two years of planning including 14 months of construction, Notting Hill Farm welcomed their first wedding guests in June of 2019 who were thrilled with the beautiful facility.

The final product:









Jill comments that “the renderings were, and continue to be, a driving force in getting us bookings so early in the construction process. The renderings were the best investment we made”. 

Even after the building was completed, the Laufer’s have been using the renderings as a reference for ongoing ordering decisions and also in their social media marketing. Jill said They have been helpful in ways I can’t even describe. My husband just keeps saying, ‘this guy nailed it’ ”.

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