How to Prioritize Your Quarantine Home Improvements

Since most communities are under lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, many people are taking this time to make home improvements. As long as you use safe shopping practices for supplies, and maintain social distancing when you need to consult professionals, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this opportunity to finally do those projects. The hard part is deciding which projects to do first!

Set Your Home Improvement Budget

The type of projects you pick will depend in part on how much you’re prepared to spend – and how much sweat equity you want to put in. As long as you’re up for a DIY project, there are lots of inexpensive repairs and upgrades you can do yourself. Even if this means updating part of a room, rather than a full scale remodel, you can still see a dramatic difference from small projects. For example, you could get a whole new look by painting a room, or you may want to make small upgrades in your kitchen.If your budget allows, this may be a good time to take on bigger projects that will pay off long term by increasing your home’s value. For example, making improvements to your home’s exterior and getting replacement windows are two of the more expensive home projects that are worth the investment. If you decide on a major project, follow the advice of Family Handyman and make sure to plan your project wisely, and take the time to find a qualified professional so you can be sure the job is done right.

If you’re going to make significant changes to your property, consider hiring an architectural rendering service to give you an idea of what these changes will look like before you begin construction. Sometimes it helps to see your ideas as a 3D rendering, as opposed to going by blueprints, which can often be difficult for some to visualize.

Focus on Areas You Use Most

For some people, extra time at home includes work hours, which means you may find yourself needing a home office. The easiest solution is to find an unused space that you can convert into a home office, such as an extra bedroom. If you don’t have an entire room you can use, a small area like a breakfast nook or walk-in closet can work just as well. All you really need is a dedicated work area, some storage for files, and extras that make your home office feel inspiring, like a favorite piece of artwork.

Along with working from home, lots of people are also spending more time in their backyards. You may not be able to get out and about, but being outdoors gives some sense of escape, plus being in nature is good for your mental health. If you’re wanting to go outdoors more but your yard feels a little lackluster, you’ll really benefit from sprucing up your landscaping, and maybe having a patio or deck installed.

If you have a green thumb, you may enjoy putting in some new shrubs and flowers. Those who are handy with tools might want to try one of these fun projects from Bob Vila, like laying a garden path or building a potting bench. But for large scale landscaping or outdoor living spaces, you’re usually better off hiring a pro.

Add to Your Home’s Safety and Efficiency

If your home is lacking when it comes to security, installing a DIY home security system is a great place to start. These smart systems are easy to use, and since all you have to do is order online, download an app, and set it up yourself, this is a quarantine-friendly project that any DIYer can handle. While you’re thinking about safety, make sure you’ve taken some basic safety precautions too, such as testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and creating a fire escape plan. This is also a great time to upgrade your home’s efficiency, especially since we’re all racking up more energy use while we’re self-isolating. Making these efficiency upgrades will help cut bills, plus it’s a simple way to lower your carbon footprint.

With all of these projects, there’s the added bonus that you’re increasing your home’s value. Most of all, these improvements to your living space are ones you get to enjoy everyday, which is something we can all appreciate at a time when everyday life is spent mostly at home.

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Article Courtesy of Happier Home