Architectural Rendering as a marketing tool for builders & developers

Do you still rely on 2D drawings for presenting your projects? Do you have difficulty helping your clients visualize the exact concept/design? Do you want to make your presentations more realistic? What about your clients, do they find your content appealing and are you able to engage them effectively?  If these problems sound familiar, then it is definitely time to move on to better, more powerful ways of marketing your projects and properties.

It is said that good marketing is all about good communication, and that people pay more attention to communication and content that is visual in nature. So whether you are an architect, home builder or developer, using photorealistic 3D rendering and video helps you market your developments more effectively. Technology is everywhere these days and the field of architecture and construction is no different, so why not take advantage of it and use newer and more effective ways to get your ideas across?

3D architectural renderings, 3D videos, virtual tours and walk-throughs are highly effective ways of marketing visual content. Over time, these tools have increasingly become more sophisticated, affordable and accurate; thus they are easy on your marketing budget.


Here are some of the ways photorealistic 3D renderings and videos help you market your properties better:

Photorealistic renderings create a ‘realistic’ Visual impact

Let’s face it, envisioning the final design is not only a major problem for your customer, it is also something that is difficult for a builder or developer to communicate. So wouldn’t it be helpful if you could illustrate various construction details with photo-realistic quality and create a realistic visual impact? Your clients would be able to experience the look and feel of their homes or buildings, evoking a sense of atmosphere, life style and an overall connection to the project. This can also help you to up-sell custom features.

Here is a typical 2D plan view:


Now take a look at the same space in photorealistic 3D:


From viewing a lot with a fully developed home and landscaping to previewing environmental conditions such as natural light and shadows for determining window and door placement or showing how trees and shrubs will mature over time, photorealistic 3D renderings  give you numerous ways to engage your customers at multiple levels, from design to completion. See a video sample here

Photorealistic renderings help save you money

The cost of a 3D virtual tour or photo-realistic 3D renderings of a finished model is very small in the context of a typical building  project; they are also much less expensive than building, maintaining and staffing a model home. Use of Photorealistic 3D rendering also ensures that all materials and finishes are reviewed and up-to-date before the project enters the construction phase, thus avoiding potentially high return fees and labor changes.

Photorealistic renderings are easily accessible 

In our digitally connected world, information is readily available to everyone, everywhere on smartphones, tablets or laptops. In other words, your clients are readily accessible to you if you give them the right content.

For example, you can prepare walk-through video tour (see or slide show of high resolution images (see and place a link in print ads, brochures or even the lawn signs. Now when a potential buyer comes across your listing or even drives by your property, they can readily access that link  on their mobile device without even stepping inside the house! You can have similar content on you website and other social media which makes all the information available with the click of a mouse.

Photorealistic renderings keep you ahead of the competition

Using these tools may lead to projects that you may not have obtained otherwise. Your proposal will stand out as creative, refined and professional giving you an advantage over your competitor. Moreover, if you are using 3D rendering for your designs, changes can be easily made according to the customer’s requirements. Presenting design in 3D to the local planning and design review boards helps to ease the approval process.

And then there are intangible benefits as well. For customers who are relocating between cities for example, or who can’t physically visit your property, a realistic 3D video on your website or social media may become the decisive factor in choosing your project over another.

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