3D Rendering, what are my options?

The cost for 3D renderings can can vary greatly depending on the the style of rendering you choose and the level of detail you wish to have shown. The least expensive option is a basic line drawing. This type of drawing will show the main components and how they look in the space.

This is an example of a simple line drawing:


This is the same scene with more detail added:


This option gives the line drawing the look of a watercolor:


This is an example of a Glass House drawing:


You may also want to see the space from an overhead perspective:


While a line drawing will show all the major parts of the project, photorealistic renderings have the added advantage of showing finishes, textures and also lighting. For these reasons, photorealistic renderings will cost more.

This is a photorealistic rendering of the space shown above:


The cost for a set of quality renderings is usually just small percentage of the total project project, but it can save you huge amounts in the long run by helping you avoid bad choices that would be costly to change later on.

Bottom-line – 3D rendering allows you to make smarter and cost effective choices and saves you from a lot of frustration and confusion.


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